World Outreach

World Evangelism (WE)
How are we sharing the gospel around the world?

What an excellent, exciting, awe-inspiring convention! Today, I visited with Ethyl Goudie and Lucille Schick and shared the pictures and the stories of how God pointed me to just the right people for the little girls dresses they had so lovingly prepared. Linda Nichols had entrusted 200 little dresses to me to show our compassion to those who have so very little. Dresses will be going to South Sudan, Haiti, France-for the refugees there, Kenya and the Philippine Islands. Orphanages, street children, homeless children that people are telling the story of Jesus to, now have a little dress to show them that Jesus loves them enough for people across the globe to make a dress and pray that it get to them. Anyone wanting to share in the joy of this ministry should speak with Linda. Ethyl shares how she asked Linda a few years ago how to get involved, this year she hope to complete her 5,000th dress.

MSU international students still are needing one on one language partners, but one has to go through the international office to be screened for this. Thomas Kim, of CRAM, gave me two English-Korean Bibles at the convention. I had told him I am using Friends Speak, but my student has many questions. So now we have a bible in both our languages-please pray that she make a decision to follow Christ.

On the last day of the convention, very few of the over 900 displays were left up. As I made my way to worship that day, I stopped at one of the few remaining displays. The older couple shared their ministry. WE both decided it was a God ordained divine meeting as they gave me the Jesus film in the languages of China. Most of my students I teach in group at MSU, are from China and before I left they stayed after class and shared they are Buddhist but curious about Christianity.

Compassion, coming along side someone, sharing! This is what relationships are all about. There are so many opportunities to share Christ with a lost world. Please work with the children in your life to memorize John 3:16 this month, their memory verse. Take time to show them how you are changing the world for Christ. Take time to send a Christmas card and write on a bulb and hang your hopes of how you will share the love in 2019. Be Compassionate!

Lorie W.