World Outreach

World Evangelism (WE)
How are we sharing the gospel around the world?

World Evangelism (WE) How the body of Christ fulfills the Great Commission with great compassion using initiative.
In the children’s department for the month of September, we have studied stories from the book of Nehemiah. The memory verse has challenged all of us to Work with all our heart as if we are working for the Lord and every week we have seen how Nehemiah prayed, and then took action.
Nehemiah was not a trained wall builder, but cupbearer to the King. He prayed as he saw a job that needed done and God used him to answer his prayer. The key word for the month has been initiative, seeing something that needs to be done and being willing to do it.

I thank God we have so many in our church family who are showing initiative! Lucille Schick has started sorting the cards and envelopes and putting them on the card stand in the fellowship hall. Please show some initiative and send some to our missionaries who desperately need your prayers and to know you remember them. Satan is always whispering lies that they are not equipped, that they are not doing enough, that they should just quit.
Many preachers, teachers, and evangelists leave the mission field-both the stateside mission field and the mission field abroad.

October 27, we will have our Harvest Party here at the church. Matt Honig, area director for Pioneer Bible Translators work being done in Crimea, Ukraine, and Siberia, plan to be here and also plans on speaking on October 28. Please, please, fill out some cards, 3 x5 index cards, decorate with your kids with stickers- so he can take them to the field and distribute to the workers so they do not grow weary in doing well. Let’s send have a harvest of cards filled with love, prayers, and encouragement! Just fill them out like you would to a soldier: to a Christian soldier serving overseas. thank you!