World Outreach

World Evangelism (WE- beginning in our own backyard; Garden of Feeden)

If you missed Bill Warren’s sermon last week, you will want to take time to listen to the recording as he not only spoke about his current mission, FAME; but also challenged us to share Christ with what God has blessed us with and be willing to look for extraordinary, not worldly, methods. To think outside the box and be open to God’s direction and leading.
FAME (Fellowship of Associates of Medical Evangelism) is a crucial tool for reaching souls for Christ and a wonderful source of support for our missionaries serving in medically inadequate, harsh areas. Medical evangelism varies greatly though, as those serving with FAME may be teaching basic hygiene skills or assisting with providing equipment and medical expertise in hospitals. CHE, Community Health Education, coupled with evangelism, is a tool drawing souls in to hear the gospel. Many come for physical concerns while spiritual needs they did not realize they had, are being met. Like IDES, International Disaster Emergency Services; FAME is an international organization with a home base in Indiana.

Thank you for giving Bill and Kelly Warren a hearty warm welcome and taking the time to get to know them and the ministry they represent better. In their younger years they have also served with Christian campus ministries and with Haus Edelweiss-TCM-Taking Christ to Millions. As we are preparing our World Evangelism budget for 2019 now; who is in favor of adding FAME? As a church family, can we put them on next year’s budget for $50 monthly, plus collect medical supplies? Who would like to be part of a work team this fall? We would be going to the Indianapolis warehouse and helping maintain, count, stock, clean, and pray over the medical supplies and workers. Let Dave and Lorie Walton know asap, so we can get this trip organized. Not up for a roadtrip? Can you help with the Garden of Feeden and the Fall Harvest Kick-Off? Pray that we are open to thinking outside the box and stepping out on faith as we reach out with love, fellowship, and fresh veggies this fall; while promoting Hearts groups, monthly pot lucks, children’s ministries, sermon series, and prayer activities that will engage and revive our community.

Remember: IDES turns 45 and on June 25th from 2-4 pm there is an Open House at the home office in Noblesville, Indiana. Can your small group make a road trip or send a card? Nancy Jett will be speaking at the Women of the Word conference at Great Lakes Christian College this August. Hurry to buy 3 ladies complete registrations and get one free! IDES was began in her family home by her father, a factory worker, 45 years ago.

RLCA, Rock Lake Christian Assembly turns 100 next year. Have you signed your kids up for camp yet? Are you willing to write a postcard to our campers? Remember that our kids can get mail here at the church too! See Jackie or Jared for more information.