Prayer List

From Bethany S:

I spoke to you after church January 3rd about the accident affecting the Sophomore students at Eaton Rapids.   It occurred in the early morning 12/27/2020. 
The 2 boys that died were both Sophomores in Rachel’s class. Rachel knew both of them but was good friends with Jaxon Kocher (We also knew Jaxon and his father).   He was 15 years old.  We went to his funeral Jan 2,  The second boy who died was Owen Osborn. He was 16 years old. Rachel had classes with him and knew him best in 8th grade, but only said hello in passing since then.  His family didn’t have a funeral or visitation for all to attend.   

A third boy named Ricky Morris was also in the vehicle. He is not from Eaton Rapids, so we don’t know him. He had the least amount of injuries.

The 4th child in the car was Courtnie Bush.  She is 15 years old and Sophomore at ER.   She is still in the hospital. She has not woken up yet. She has multiple fractured bones including her jaw, humerus, femur, and multiple pelvic fractures. They also removed her spleen and performed colon surgery. She is not out of the woods yet and will have a long painful recovery. Rachel visited her family with a friend on Friday to give a present to the Bush family and she stated her mom was “destroyed”.  We are not good friends with them, so I don’t know how to help. They already have meals and a go-fund-me page from the community. Maybe cleaning the house? 
Please put all these families in the prayer list. 

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