Here is the information on the church constitution.

Message from Rick T

Attached is the original proposal, the original constitution/bylaws marked with additions and deletions, both that were presented for the 4 weeks prior to the vote to change the constitution/bylaws back in 2010. I have included the supporting documents for the nomination of an elder that were developed by the steering committee of 2010. It is clear that the proposal was to keep at least 3 people at any leadership level, either 3(+) elders or 3(+) steering committee, I have wondered about why this has not been addressed earlier.  The steering committee of 2010 believed the changes to the constitution and the bylaws were understandable as passed in November 2010, I think they still are understandable, but it appears that was not the case on Sunday?

The unity of the congregation is very important and it is important that we move as one body, so addressing the language and purpose to the 2010 changes is very important.  We have rarely used true parliamentary procedure, nor have we relied on 50%+ votes, but have tried over the years to agree, this may have taken longer in some cases but in my understanding we have worked for unity and not just talk about unity.  The steering committee of 2010 believed that a minimum of 3 leaders would help to prevent conflicts within the body and want to preserve unity. (I have included members of the 2010 committee who may offer more memories of this decision). 

Knowing the pulse of the congregation is important to reaching understanding and unity, it would appear to me that we are in a time of drift.  “Believe For It” is a great theme title but what does it mean to our body?  We are suffering from being undefined, we have a pronoun without a noun, we have no “laser-focus”. I’m not saying that we have lost our desire to be Scripturally sound, and I’m not saying that we have lost our desire to serve God, but we lack a united direction, a focus, a vision as a congregation. What are the 10 year, 5 year, 3 year, 1 year plans?  Forward movement for sure was interrupted by COVID and now with the retirement of John and Sharon, but there is little talk about plans that I have heard. My prayer is that we unite and move in God’s grace, looking to the future and how our congregation is a part of the Kingdom here in the Charlotte area.

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