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DateTitleTeachingSermon AudioSermon Video
Jan 16 2022With All Your SoulJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Jan 9 2022Truth, Church and UnityShaw HubbardAudioVideo
Jan 2 2022The Greatest CommandmentJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 26 2021What If, Where it Leads, How it EndsJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 19 2021Righty Judge, Pray and BehaveJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 12 2021What's the Worry?John BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 5 2021Impress God, Not ManJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 28 2021More Contrasts That TeachJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 21 2021Keeping Your WordJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 14 2021Deeper UnderstandingsJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 7 2021The Law is FulfilledJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 31 2021The Beatitudes Part 2John BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 24 2021The Beatitudes Part 1John BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 17 2021Holy SpiritShawn HubbardAudioVideo
Oct 10 2021The End of II SamuelJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 3 2021David's PraiseJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sept 26 2021The Path of IsraelJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sep 19 2021What About Israel?John BaileyAudioVideo
Sep 12 2021Lessons from David's LifeJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sep 5 2021Insight into the End TimesJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 29 2021Trouble WithinJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 22 2021You Are the ManJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 15 2021The Big FallJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 8 2021David Learns It's God's Plan Not His Part 2John BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 1 2021David Learns It's God's Plan Not His Part 1John BaileyAudioVideo
July 25 2021What Are We Doing?John BaileyAudioVideo
July 18 2021Feed My SheepSpecial Speaker David Kim from C.R.A.M.AudioVideo
July 11 2021It's All About to Change !John BaileyAudioVideo
July 4 2021The Real Independence DayShawn Hubbard
June 27 2021God's SovereigntyJohn BaileyAudioVideo
June 20 2021The Big ChangeJohn BaileyAudioVideo
June 13 2021The Dread Pirate David, ContinuedJohn BaileyAudioVideo
June 6 2021The Dread Pirate DavidJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 30 2021The Shadow KingJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 23 2021David - Part 1John BaileyAudioVideo
May 16 2021Capturing the MomentJohn BaileyAudioVideo


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