Welcome to our Sunday Morning Messages

DateTitleTeachingSermon AudioSermon Video
Jan 17 2021Samson's BeginningJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Jan 10 2020Supernatural ChurchShawn HubbardAudioVideo
Jan 3 2021Jephthah's SadnessJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 27 2020Divided LoyaltiesJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 20 2020Man Needs a KingJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Dec 13 2020Children's Program & Worship ServiceVideo
Dec 6 2020John BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 29 2020Here's Your SignJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 22 2020Who's Fight is it?John BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 15 2020ShamgarJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 8 2020Pattern of the FaithlessJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Nov 1 2020Why Follow Idols?John BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 25 2020The Context of TransitionJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 18 2020The Corporate Prayer of RepentanceJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 11 2020Prayer and Critical MassJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 4 2020Praying Together: It Can Be PowerfulJohn BaileyAudioVideo

Communion Messages

DateTeachingVideo File
Jan 17 2021Dave W.Video
Jan 10 2021Mike F.Video
Jan 3 2021Shawn H.Video
Dec 27 2020George B.Video
Dec 20 2020Doug L.Video
Dec 13 2020Children's Program & Worship ServiceVideo
Dec 6 2020Sam C.No Recording Today
Nov 29 2020Dave W.Video
Nov 22 2020Mike F.Video
Nov 15 2020Rick T.Video
Nov 8 2020George B.Video
Nov 1 2020Shawn H.Video
Oct 25 2020Justin G.Video
Oct 18 2020Doug L.Video
Oct 11 2020Rick TVideo
Oct 4 2020Sorry No Recording Today

Worship Services

DateVideo File
Jan 17 2021Video
Jan 10 2021Video
Jan 3 2021Video
Dec 27 2020Video
Dec 20 2020Video
Dec 13 2020Video
Dec 6 2020Video
Nov 29 2020Video
Nov 22 2020Video
Nov 15 2020Video
Nov 8 2020Video
Nov 1 2020Video
Oct 25 2020Video
Oct 18 2020Video
Oct 11 2020Video
Oct 4 2020Video


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