Welcome to our Sunday Morning Messages

DateTitleTeachingSermon AudioSermon Video
Oct 18 2020The Corporate Prayer of RepentanceJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 11 2020Prayer and Critical MassJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Oct 4 2020Praying Together: It Can Be PowerfulJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sept 27 2020The Next GenerationJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sept 20 2020God More than ProvidesJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sept 13 2020The Grand ReunionJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Sept 6 2020From Revelation to redemptionJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 30 2020ConvictedJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 23 2020A Beautiful MealJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 16 2020Needful MercyJohn BaileyAudioVideo
Aug 9 2020Teaching Thru Music Doug LautzenheiserNo Audio this weekVideo
Aug 2 2020It's About FamilyJohn BaileyAudioVideo
July 26 2020A Time of ExaltationJohn BaileyAudioVideo
July 19 2020Joseph Part 4John BaileyAudioVideo
July 12 2020Joseph Part 3John BaileyAudioVideo
July 5 2020Joseph Part 2John BaileyAudioVideo
June 28 2020Joseph Part 1John BaileyAudioVideo
June 21 2020Father's DayDave WaltonVideo
June 14 2020Prayers The EnvangelizeJohn BaileyAudioVideo
June 7 2020An Ancient Order in a New TimeJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 31 2020Your Christian WardrobeJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 24 2020The New SelfJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 17 2020Donuts vs Do NotsJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 10 2020The Incomparable ChristJohn BaileyAudioVideo
May 3 2020Do Not be DeceivedJohn BaileyAudioVideo
April 26 2020The Preeminence of ChristJohn BaileyAudioVideo
April 19 2020Colossians, Part OneJohn BaileyAudioVideo
April 12 2020What the Resurrection Means to UsJohn BaileyAudioVideo
April 5 2020Jesus ArrivesJohn BaileyAudioVideo
March 29 2020The Intersection of Money and FaithJohn BaileyAudioVideo

Communion Messages

DateTeachingVideo File
Oct 18 2020Doug L.Video
Oct 11 2020Rick TVideo
Oct 4 2020Sorry No Recording Today
Sept 27 2020Shawn H.Video
Sept 20 2020Dave W.Video
Sept 13 2020Will W.Video
Sept 6 2020George B.Video
Aug 30 2020Mike F.Video
Aug 23 2020Shaw H.Video
Aug 16 2020Sam C.Video
Aug 9 2020Doug L.Video
Aug 2 2020Will W.Video
July 26 2020Sorry No Recording Today
July 19 2020Sorry No Recording Today
July 12 2020Mike F.Video
July 5 2020Rick T.Video
June 28 2020George BVideo
June 21 2020Shawn HVideo
June 7 2020Sam CVideo
May 31 2020Rick TVideo
May 24 2020Dave WVideo
May 10 2020George BVideo
April 26 2020Sam CVideo
April 19 2020Mike FVideo
April 12 2020Rick TVideo

Worship Services

DateVideo File
Oct 18 2020Video
Oct 11 2020Video
Oct 4 2020Video
Sept 27 2020Video
Sept 20 2020Video
Sept 13 2020 Part 2Video
Sept 13 2020 Part 1Video
Sept 6 2020Video
Aug 30 2020Video
Aug 23 2020Video
Aug 16 2020Video
Aug 9 2020Video
Aug 2 2020 Part 2Video
Aug 2 2020 Part 1Video
July 26 2020Video
July 19 2020Sorry No Recording Today
July 12 2020Video
July 5 2020Video
June 28 2020Video
June 21 2020Video
June 14 2020Video
May 31 2020Video
May 24 2020Video
May 10 2020Video


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