About Us

Our Mission: The Charlotte Church of Christ seeks to inspire the whole community to know Jesus as Lord.

Our Core Values:

  • We recognize the truth as the teachings of Christ and the Apostles as supported and prophesied in the Old Testament, and use this as the standard to define the life of the Church. ( 2 Timothy 3:15 – 17 )
  • We diligently seek God’s will in all aspects of life of the Church. ( Romans 12:1 – 2 )
  • We serve our Christian Family by meeting their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs with love. ( 1 Peter 4:10 )
  • We strive to develop our Christian Family by promoting fellowship which is based upon a mutual trust and repect for one another resulting in a sense of belonging and exemplified by true love. ( Acts 2:42 – 44 )
  • We seek in all things we do to bring honor and glory to the Father through His Son Jesus Christ through the total surrender of our lives. ( Psalms 96:7 – 9 )
  • We are committed to the equipping of the followers of Christ by challenging the believers to grow in their faith, in their knowledge, in their love, and in their service to God and His Kingdom. ( Ephesians 4:12 – 14 )
  • We reach out to those who do not know the living Savior, Jesus Christ. Wherever we go we proclaim Jesus and Him crucified. ( Matthew 28:19 – 20 )